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Zirconia allows dentists to offer highly aesthetic life-long lasting restorations at highly competitive prices. Working with a GANI lab, any dentist can significantly enhance their cosmetic dentistry business, and offer a more aesthetically pleasing restoration to all of their patients

CRYSTAL High Translucency restorations are the most translucent zirconia materials available, allowing 20-30% more light to pass though than other zirconia materials.

Rather than produce just one formula of zirconia, Crystal produces two,a very strong zirconia for Posterior teeth, and a more translucent formula for anterior teeth. For cosmetic dentists, there simply isn't a more natural looking restoration than those built on Zirconia materials.
In recent decades, all-ceramic restorations have become increasingly popular due to their aesthetic properties. Ceramic materials have a tooth-like transparent appearance and can be shaded to match the patient’s natural tooth color. other all-procelain crowns have been used for anterior teeth, but only offer a fraction of the strength that a Zirconia crown or bridge can provide.The problem with these porcelain materials is their potential to fracture under stress, which is why they are not recommended for posterior crowns and bridges.



For strength, most dentists today offer Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) crowns, which is covered by substandard materials but the metal substructure is still not as strong as Zirconia, with the added downside of being non-transparent, dark and dingy. The old paradigm of other nonzirconia in the anteriors and PFMs in the posteriors simple doesn't serve the cosmetic and life-long dentistry needs of patients anymore.

provide life-long strength plus the aesthetic qualities patients seek.

For long lasting patient solutions, recommends zirconia frameworks for all crowns and bridges, fabricated with a super-strong 0.5 mm wall thickness for posterior crowns, and optionally, a thinner and more translucent 0.3 mm wall thickness for anterior restorations.

We supply warranty card for all Zirconia products


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