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Ask your dentist about TRANSLUCENT Metal-FREE Zirconia Crowns and Bridges, the state-of-the-art in cosmetic dentistry, producing the brightest, most natural and longest lasting dental restorations available.

Zirconia is the strongest and most translucent structure for crowns or bridges, stronger than steel. Make sure your dentists uses Zirconia for a brighter, whiter, and more natural smile, and dental work that lasts a lifetime!

Zirconia is a modern dental ceramic replacement for the metal substructures used under porcelain crowns and bridges. CRYSTAL brand Dental Zirconia is also translucent, which gives the overlaid procelain a brighter more natural look. Because of it's stronger-than-steel properties,
Zirconia has been used for decades on the space shuttle and on the new high-tech brakes on German sports cars and other industrial applications


Sometimes called “white steel,” zirconia is a ceramic material that has been used to create substructures in cosmetic dentistry to give crowns and bridges a whiter brighter more translucent quality. Zirconia is 100% biocompatible and is the preferred material for numerous medical applications including strong long-lasting artificial hip joints.Previously Zirconia was used in fashion jwellery and now in Dentistry

Crowns and bridges based on Zirconia are the strongest and most aesthetically translucent restorations available in dentistry today -- up to five times stronger than all-porcelain restorations, nothing looks more like natural teeth.

Why is Translucency Important?

In the past, most crowns and bridges have been Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM). These restorations, built on a dark metal alloy base, tend to look opaque and monochromatic, with a darker grayness at the gum line. All ceramic dental restorations made with Zirconia matches the appearance and translucency of natural teeth.


What Does "Biocompatible" Mean?

Zirconia is 100% biocompatible and because the body does not reject zirconia, this material is the preferred modern material for ALL medical applications. Unlike amalgams and metal alloys used in the dentistry in the past,the body accepts zirconia as a natural material, so you don’t have to worry about allergies or adverse reactions.


A zirconia crown is a popular type of all-ceramic crown which is worn to improve the appearance of a tooth which has become stained or disfigured over the years. They are durable, easy to wear and long lasting.
Plus zirconia crowns have a translucent appearance which means that they are indistinguishable from your own teeth. It is hard to spot a zirconia crown amongst natural teeth.
What is a zirconia crown?
This type of crown is made from zirconia, a very strong material which is compatible with the human body. Zirconia is used in many other medical applications such as artificial joints and is known for its strength and durability.

Zirconia is a type of crystal which is long lasting and indestructible. 

Plus there is no fear about the body rejecting zirconia or displaying an allergic reaction to it. It is safe to use and preferred by many people to porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Advantages of a zirconia crown

Outstanding Marginal fir and high strength performance.
Chip and Corrosion resistant
Good Durability-last for lifelong
Bio-compatibility (no allergy and infection to the patient)
High translucency similar to natural tooth
Most prefereable for diabetic patient
Metal free and no sensitivity for the internal tooth.
Weightless, high strength full arch zirconia up-to 14 units.
Strength: zirconia crowns last longer than other types of crowns.
Aesthetics: these crowns have an attractive translucent colour which blends in well with the other teeth.
Retain more of the existing tooth: minimal preparation is required which means more of the original tooth is preserved. This is useful if the crown needs to be removed.
So, a good choice if you are looking for a strong, long lasting and visually appealing crown. They are ideal at covering signs of damage or staining as well as helping to maintain the function of the tooth.
How is a zirconia crown fitted?
The process is similar to that for other crowns. It involves two stages: preparation (first stage) and the fitting of the crown (second stage).

The first stage is where your teeth are assessed and measured for a crown. The dentist will discuss the procedure with you before preparing your affected tooth. This preparation involves the cleaning of the tooth before reshaping (which reduces its size) with a small drill.

A small sliver of tooth is removed under a local anaesthetic which ensures that the tooth is the correct shape for the crown.

A mould is made with dental putty which you will be asked to bite into. This is used as a guide for the production of your new crown at a dental laboratory.

The second stage is where you will be fitted with your new crown. The tooth which will receive this crown is roughened with a special dental acid which scratches the surface and increases the bond between crown and tooth.

The crown is then fitted onto your tooth. The dentist will check its appearance and fit before cementing it into position. It is then given a final polish.

A zirconia crown must be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth.


Strong, attractive and compatible: Expect only the best.

There are not many materials, such as natural diamond, which combine exceptional beauty and strength. In dentistry, there has been continuous research and development to find materials suitable for dental prosthesis that are aesthetically acceptable, of sufficient strength and which are perfectly tolerated by the human body. For many years ceramic materials combined with metals have been used in dental restorations, ceramic to achieve the desired aesthetics, metal for strength. A high-tech ceramic, Zirconium Oxide, is now available and has already been pr oven in many extreme situations such as heat shields in the Space Shuttle, brake disks for sports cars and the spherical heads of artificial hip joints.

 This high-tech ceramic has the potential to give prosthetic care a whole new image, because thanks to Cercon smart ceramics it can now be used in dentistry. With the Cercon system, all-ceramic crowns and bridges of up to four units can be made in the incisal and molar regions. In individual cases, depending on the gap of the bridged teeth, even bridges of up to six units are possible. Additional dental applications are already in the testing phase and are just awaiting test results.

The aim of every dental restoration: no reaction.: no reaction.

Did you know that the skin on your back is around 15 times more sensitive than the mucous membrane (or tissues) in your mouth? For this reason allergy tests are often performed on an individual’s back. The test results with our neutral ceramic are clear and according to our current knowledge, there should not be any adverse reaction to Cercon smart ceramics even in the most sensitive of people. In the extensive literature available on zirconium oxide, no individual cases of allergic reaction have been reported to date. Possible interactions with any metals contained in existing dental prostheses will also be excluded. Your Cercon restoration will therefore promote your well being and keep you healthy.

Friendly to body and tooth in every aspect.

Other important properties of a Cercon restoration are very positive for the wearer. The surfaces of the veneering porcelain Cercon cream® S ensure reduced plaque adhesion and thus support good oral hygiene. What’s more, your all-ceramic restoration will have an excellent insulating effect and you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant sensations with hot or cold meals and drinks.

Cercon smart ceramics may also enable more gentle treatment with less tooth preparation, thanks to the excellent hardness qualities of zirconium oxide your dentist may be able to preserve more healthy tooth substance – depending on the individual initial situation.

Zirconium oxide has already been used in medical applications for nearly 20 years and as a result of long-term observations, the material may also now be safely recommended for the sensitive oral cavity.
Value real quality highly.

In addition to a better appearance there are other features that determine the result and longevity of your investment that serve as a particular standard for quality. With Cercon smart ceramics, these quality standards are not just met but re-established. A Cercon dental restoration makes no compromises in aesthetics, compatibility, durability and function.
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